Age Bias

My wife turned 65 in December of 2011 and I turned 66 in March of 2012. A number of events occurred which we had not expected.

My wife’s company dropped her from their Health Care coverage-evidently required as they have less than 15 employees. At the same time her life insurance policy though the company was reduced from $50,000 due on her death to $35,000, also due to age. She was encouraged to go on Medicare A and B as the alternative to the company health care policy. The cost naturally jumped essentially cutting her take home pay by roughly $7000 per year.

During the past four months, I was downsized and had to pick up both of our health insurance coverages through Cobra (United Health Care. For a variety of reasons we are currently paying roughly $15,000 per year for health care. After many years of neglect, I have been going through various tests to measure my health. Having had cancer twice and having worked in a high tension job, it was time. Much to my chagrin I found that several of my doctors would not accept United Health Care. In retrospect I shouldn’t have been surprised. A year ago I had a lipoma removed from my back. Had it pre-approved by UHC, only to have them reject the claim several times before eventually paying. Fortunately I had arranged a fixed price for the surgeon (who doesn’t accept UHC) and actually came out a winner when the surgery took almost three hours instead of the expected one hour.

What do I take away from these events? Our health care system is inadequate-punishes the generation that hits 65 and shows little sign of getting better. Maybe there is something to be said about a system similar to Canada or Great Britain.

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