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Barclays 5 new products on ARCA which launched last friday had mixed results today.

REZ=2000 shares, FIO= 0 shares, RTL=1000 shares,

FTY=3,300 shares and REM=11,200 shares. The only other ARCA IPO, NXT, had volume of 300 shares.

FIRST TRUST will launch 3 ETFs on ARCA this thursday along with 17 being listed on the AMEX.


First Trust

It appears that First Trust will launch 17 ETFs this week. While most will listed on the Amex, three will follow the Barclay’s lead on ARCA.

ARCA ETF New Launches

Barclay’s launched five new ETFs on ARCA yesterday, May 4. There had been one prior new issue launched on ARCA, NXT, which while having early success, has had anemic volume of late.

The 5 ETFs are all Nareit Indexes. FTY -RE 50, REZĀ -Residential, FIO-Industrial/Office, RTL- Retail amd REM- Mortgage REITS.

REZ had first day volume of 10,000 shares, FIO-no volume, RTL-no volume, FTY 4,100 shares and REM 7,000 shares. The 5 products were spread between 4 Lead Market Makers, Timber Hill, Sun, Goldman Sachs and Kellogg Specialist.

With the exception of NXT, all prior ARCA ETFs were transfers from other venues. It will be interesting to watch the volume growth and market shares of these products compared to floor based new peoduct launches. Does it make any difference what the venue is?