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Amex Seat Prices.

Off the highs but still decent. $325,000 bid $375,000 offer.

Regarding yesterdays announcement of troop extensions in Iraq. Whether

one agrees with the war or not, the extension to 15 months is difficult to swallow. The tour in Viet Nam was 12 months(many of the troops were draftees). Duty with UN Forces in Korea has been 13 months. Fifteen months must seem interminable to the troops even though many are volunteers(Natiional Guard??) What about the Guard troops going back for a second tour. Can the lobsterman in Maine keep up the payments on his boat? We are starting to accept felons into the Army to fill the ranks. We did this during the Viet Nam era. At one point almost 20% of my platoon had been given the choice-jail or Army. It made for interesting leadership issues.

The one plus of the extended tours is that the makers of short timers calendars will have a bonanza. All those 365 day calendars are now obsolete and they can sell 455 day calendars. I bet they are pushing for further extensions.