Snapshot 2/23/2007

American Stock Exchange Equity Volume 56,744,980

Seat Prices: Bid $360,000 Offer $390,000

Several seats have traded recently in the $400,000 to $420,000 range.


Improved sales in SLX over the past two weeks. A great product which now appears to be getting some recognition.

GDX 1,077,200 shares Amex share 25.88%

SLX 17,900 shares

EVX 3,100 shares

Powershares PGF 31,000 shares Amex share 24.52%

Powershares/DB Commodities

DBA 698,100 Amex share 34.75%

Claymore EEB(BRIC) 143,500 Amex 39.37%

CVY(HOG) 35,600 Amex 27.81%

DEF 5,900

WisdomTree(6 new Amex listings)

Listed Friday-First day volume 194,800 shares-Impressive.


Two biggest winners were EPS(500 Earnings) and EES(Small Cap Earnings).

WisdomTree 30(NYSE)

985,800 shares NYSE share 62%.

Barclays (NYSE-8 Debt)

219,700 shares 19% NYSE market share.

GVI 107,900 shares


RWX 194,700 Amex share 81%.

CWI 43,800 Amex share 21.23%.

Barclays EEM-recently moved from the Amex to NYSE.

Comp volume 9,055,400 shares NYSE(Primary) 651,300 7.19%, Amex(UTP) 777,400 8.58%.

ProShares DJ Sectors(22)

192,000 shares. URE and SRS(Real Estate Double up and down are the two volume leaders).


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