Snapshot 12/26/2006

Slow day. Amex Equity Volume 37,514,596

Of Note: An outfit called R3X Global Capital Group has offered to buy the American Stock Exchange-$606,000,000 all in. Letter from Craig Mulch at R3X to the membership. Appears to be a backdoor appeal after what we assume is a rebuff from the Exchange management. This might be the reason seats were trading last week, but I think it is unrelated. Maybe this gets the Amex in play.

Of Note: Options volume of 6.5 million contracts. Not bad for a slow day. Market share numbers are interesting but probably an anomaly.

ARCA/NYSE 27.68%

Philly              23.28%

CBOE             20.07%

ISE                 19.50% (usually the big winner).

Should revert to form tomorrow.

NASDAQ ProShares 10  4,003.

WisdomTree(NYSE) 30 Products Composite 347,300 NYSE 282,200 81%.


3 Products Composite 443,600 shares Amex 136,600

Claymore 7(old) Composite 312,200 Amex 190,200.

Claymore 4(new)Composite 16,100 Amex 11,700.

SSGA RWX  Composite 182,700 Amex 163,500

Appears the assets are very sticky. Few sellers. Amex Mkt Shares 89.49%.  


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