Christmas and the Creche.

A friend related to me his experience on Xmas Eve when his nephew(5 months old) was tapped to be the baby Jesus in our local church’s annual pageant. The baby performed well ( meaning he was silent). This brought back the memory of Christmas 1978. My younger son (then 6 months old) was chosen from many to be the baby Jesus in the same pageant. The current pageant is held on Christmas Eve. Twenty eight years ago the pageant was held at 5 p.m. on a random evening sometime in the pre Christmas week.

In late November we received the call that Nick had been chosen. In retrospect we believe he was chosen because he was evidently unable to talk of even make many noises. This was a blessing as a crying baby Jesus disrupts the service. We dutifully marked the date on our kitchen calendar. On the key date at about 8:30, I discovered a phone message. “Where are you? Nick is supposed to be the baby Jesus and the service starts in ten minutes.”  We had totally forgotten. That year they used a plastic doll as the baby Jesus. He/it(it was a girl doll) was silent for the entire service.  Maybe we were the reason they moved the pageant to Xmas eve. The same year they were short one King (my son Steve).


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