Snapshot 12/18/2006

Amex Equity Volume 51,711,600 shares

NASDAQ 10 PowerShares products 10,700.

WisdomTree 30 NYSE Composite 430,900 NYSE 374,200 87%.

RYDEX Composite 72,200 Amex 7,300

Claymore 4 (new) Composite 65,600 Amex 55,100 84%

Claymore 7 (old)   Composite 357,800 Amex 209,700 59%


GDX Composite 729,500 Amex 169,600 23%.

SLX and EVX getting more consistent buying but still slow.

ProShares Composite 6,079,100 Amex 1,619,500 27%.

IWR (Barclays) Started trading on ARCA today. 43% of the flow was executed on the Amex UTP.

RWX starts tomorrow. Lots of hype but will it translate into buyers??


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