Snapshot 12/14/2006

Amex Volume 54,038,096  Improvement over the past few days.


GDX Composite 1,125,200 Amex 95,500 8.5%.

SLX Composite 4,400

EVX Composite 5,000

Both these products are slowly increasing their daily volume.

NASDAQ PowerShares 10 32,344

WisdomTree NYSE 30 Composite 536,600 NYSE 453,300 84%.

Again 80,000 shares/16% trading away from the NYSE indicates broader following.

Claymore 7 products Composite 293,300 Amex 175,200 60%.

UCR 35,100

DCR 12,600

BRIC remains the standout.

ProShares 12 products Composite 5,832,500 Amex 1,178,000 20%.

Given the great volume one might expect more growth in AUM. To reach $2 billion AUM in the first six months is very good, with daily volume of 5-6 million shares the assumption is that much of the volume is professional and therefor not sticky. My guess is the AUM will grow as more retail types grasp the concept of being able to short the indexes. Case in point, anecdotal, my doctor brother in law is asking how to accomplish that goal. These are products that must be sold-it will be interesting to see the volume and AUM numbers in another six months.


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