Snapshot 12/8/2006

American Stock Exchange equity volume 45,920,384.

AEMI, the new electronic system is currently being rolled out. WHile hitting the expected speed bumps, the Exchange predicts greater order flow once the system is fully operational. Looks as though they are gaining some traction.

NASDAQ/PowerShares 10 products- volume 9,133 shares. Is it the products or the fact that there is little incentive for a Specialist to make markets on NASDAQ?

VanEck: GDX,EVX and SLX.  Composite volume 797,300 shares.

Amex volume 227,800 =29%.

WisdomTree 30 NYSE products  Composite 413,600 shares. NYSE market share 69%. Looks like the volumes on some are approaching the point that away markets are starting to trade these ETFs. Generally a sign that they have achieved a decent level of acceptance.

First Trust: FVI Composite volume 35,200. Amex volume 24,500. This was a closed end fund which converted to an ETF therefor had legacy investors.

Claymore: 7 products. Composite volume 150,200 shares. Amex volume 91,800 or 61%.

UCR 4,100 shares

DCR 4,400 shares

ProShares Composite volume 6,411,300 shares. Amex volume 1,618,200 shares =25%.

December 19th SSGA International REIT symbol RWX.

WisdomTree: See ETF Trends this week. WisdomTree coming with several Fundamentally weighted ETFs based on earnngs as opposed to their current dividend approach. Could allow investors to broaden their scope somewhat. WisdomTree has attracted  $1.2 billion in fairly short order.


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