Snapshot Dec 7th/ Pearl Harbor Day

American Stock Exchange equity volume 49,086,608 shares.

NASDAQ 10 PowerShares Composite volume 13,073-drop down to normal past levels.

VanEck GDX Composite volume 962,200 shares (robust) Amex volume 280.200 shares = 29%.

WisdomTree 20 NYSE products Composite 280,500 shares. NYSE volume 222,100 shares =79%.

First Trust FVI new ETF-converted from Closed End fund. Composite volume 11,800 shares. Amex volume 9,800 shares=83%.

Claymore 7 products. Composite 265,900 shares. Amex 157,800 shares =59%.

UCR 10,100

DCR  6,000 Both substantially below recent daily volumes.

ProShares Composite 5,751,300 shares. Amex volume 1,522,000 = 26% market share.

Look for RWX SSGA International REIT coming Dec 19. Seems promising.


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