ETF Snapshot 12/4/2006

American Stock Exchange Equity Volume 55,755,248 shares.

NASDAQ 10/PowerShares  129,414. Dramatic uptick in volume concentrated in PRFS (Rafi Consumer 75,000 shares) and PRFN (Rafi Industrial with 35,900 shares). One day phenom or the start of a trend?

WisdomTree 20 products Composite 405,200 shares, NYSE share 306,600 = 76%. Solid volume.

ProShares Composite 6,091,500 shares. Amex 1,804,400 +30%.

Love these products.

Claymore UCR (UP OIL) 52,300

                  DCR (DOWN OIL) 32,800 shares.

VanEck GDX, SLX and EVX total volume 843,400 shares. Bulk is in GDX but starting to see upticks in SLX.


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    Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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