ETF Snapshot 12/1/2006

New Claymore products-Up and Down Oil

UCR 125,700 shares

DCR  61,000 shares

Look like great products

CVY (HOG) Composite volume 39,500 Amex vol. 15,400

EEB (BRIC) Composite volume 87,900 Amex vol. 37,100

Both remain strong with roughly 40% market share remaining on the Amex.

5 new PowerShares doing well out of the blocks. Total of 130,000 shares with PGF doing very well at 90,500 shares. This is a Preferred issue. Looks like initial seeds were $10 million on 4 and $10 million on the Preferred.


GDX continues to perform fantastically. 1,053,400 shares composite volume with 17% market share on the Amex.

WisdonTree-20 NYSE products continue to perform much better than the initial look.

Composite vol. 329,500 with 81% on the NYSE

NASDAQ PowerShares 10 11,719 shares

ProFunds Composite 6,643,500 shares, AMEX 1,426,000 for a 21% market share.

Several interesting products coming in the next several weeks.


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