ETF Snapshot/ Tuesday Nov 27.

Amex Equity Volume 49,534,112 shares

Kellogg ETF Volume 351,900 on Amex floor.

IWB Amex Volume 9.80%. A shy light of our 10% goal.

EVX and SLX 10 Day average volume:

EVX 2,250 shares

SLX 3,480 shares

Both are showing slow but consistent growth.

Amex Market Share on Selected products:

PID Composite Vol 247,300 Amex captured 57.8%

PGJ Composite Vol 287,700 Amex captured 43.41%

PHO Composite Vol 327,000 Amex captured 45%

GDX Composite 817,000 Amex captured 30% (KCG MM traded 50,800 shares which represents 6% of the composite and 20.4% of the Amex volume).

ProFunds 12 products had composite volume of 5,525,200 shares with 36% on the Amex. Lowest composite volume for the 12 was 64,800 shares which is fantastic.

DSI-Barclay’s Socially Responsible improving with daily trades and more houses participating.

NASDAQ PowerShares products total for 10 11,976.

WisdomTree 20 products: 187,600 shares with 75% staying on the NYSE. With on floor Market Maker involvement I wonder how much higher this might be,

Claymore-5 products on the Amex. Composite volume 107,300 shares with 58% staying on the Amex.

EEB/BRIC was over 60% of this total but all five are showing encouraging volume.


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