Monday, November 27.

Better volume day. Amex equity volume 55 million shares.

Kellogg ETF volume at 384,000 shares.

Started to get a little traction on the Barclay’s Socially Responsible ETF(DSI). Still small at 1200 shares bought but 3 different houses on the buy side. Volume approaching KLD which is going active. Seems some trackers want passive not active.

Proshares continues to knock the cover off the ball.  Twelve products with a total volume of over 6 million shares with a third on the Amex which is the primary. I personally love the downside products being a natural and long term Bear. Personally long SDS and DXD.

IWB Kellogg did 16.38% of the total volume, again ahead of our target of 10%.

Claymore products continue to sell well-5 for 119,400 shares with BRIC(EEB) and HOG(CVY) leading the way. Roughly half the market share stayed on the Amex.

WisdomTree again with good volume 379,600 shares over 20 products with 80% market share staying on the NYSE.

PowerShares showing an uptick in volume in the October 12 issuance which is welcome.


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